Early Years Reading at Home

Early years reading at homeWhat can I do at home to teach my child to read? 

Early years reading at home can involve more than just reading picture books aloud to your child at bedtime. Depending upon the age and aptitudes of your child there are a few more key reading activities that will really accelerate your child’s skills, enjoyment and understanding. The HSC reading packs for example provide materials for parents to reinforce the sounds, making/blending words, learning high frequency words and asking the right types of questions to improve comprehension of stories in books.

If you are a parent and you want to understand more about early years reading at home, then learn more from Home School Connect by doing the following 10 things:

1. Take a look at our Reading Frequently Asked Questions – EYFS Reading FAQ

2. Buy the relevant age Reading Pack for your child to use at home – Nursery Reading; Reception Phonics; and/or  Phonics Games packs. Get stuck in and try out some of the early years reading at home activities with your child! Its easy to do and children love it!

3. Find out how your child learns to read  in school. You might like to a) watch the  EYFS School Reading Videos, demonstrating how reading/phonics is taught in the classroom,  b) read our HSC parent guides (which accompany the home learning packs).

4. Learn more about early years reading at home, by watching the EYFS Home Reading Videos. See how families are using the HSC reading packs to teach reading or help children make faster progress reading.

5. Monitor your child’s reading progress over time using our reading home learning diary (these are available free for download to users who have registered after purchasing a pack).

6. Reward your child’s reading achievements and efforts using our attractive reward sticker charts (these are available free for download to users who have registered after purchasing a pack).

7. Play some online EYFS Reading Games with your child.

8. Read aloud and share plenty of fabulous Picture Books with your child.

9. Stay connected to us by ‘liking’ us on Facebook and/or following us on Twitter.

10. If your child’s school/early years provider uses Orbit Family (www.orbit.co/family), consider sharing some of your child’s home learning achievements and efforts with your child’s school.  Orbit Family is free for anyone to use and parents are invited by the child’s school to link to their child’s record.

Most importantly, share some quality family time and have fun together while your child learns to read! HSC makes it easy for parents to develop childrens’ early years reading at home.