EYFS Maths Games

These online maths games are intended for children in Nursery (age 3-4) and Reception (age 4-5). There are also some extension 5+ maths games aimed at able Reception children (these games are suited for  Year 1).


About the game

 Number Labelling

1. Number Labelling (Numerals)

Drag and drop the names of the single digit numbers on to the picture. The name box will turn green if correctly placed. (CrickWeb)

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 Gingerbread men

2. Gingerbread Men (Counting)

A super collection of activities for counting up to 5 or 10. (WMNet – Coventry City Council)

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 Ladybird Counting

3.  Ladybird Counting (Counting)

Counting and ordering numbers up to five with ladybirds, snails and leaves (WMNet – Coventry City Council).

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 Shoot the duck

4. Shoot the duck (Counting)

This game uses a number line made of ducks, but the numbers are missing, so you have to count along and work out which duck to aim at. (ICTGames)

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 Counting with Lecky

5. Counting with Lecky (Counting)

Help Lecky the Alien to catch balloons, fish, leaves, butterflies and balls. Choose whether to count up to 5 or 10. (Crickweb)

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 1. Counting with money

6. Counting with money (Measures)

Count the pennies and click the right amount. This game only uses the 1p coin and amounts up to 10. Ideal for nursery aged children. (BGFL)

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 aliens lining up

7. Alien Lining Up (Measures: Position, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)

The aliens tell you which position they should go in the line. Your child has to put them in the correct order. This activity reinforces an understanding of order using first, second, 3rd, 4th and 5th. (Iboard).

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 Compare and order

8. Compare and Order (Measures)

Comparison activities – developing the language of comparison using such terms as biggest, smallest, longest, etc (Crickweb)

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9. Butterfly (Shape)

Colour and pattern matching activity using the spots on a butterfly (Crickweb)

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 String of beads

10. String of Beads (Shape)

Use the string of beads to copy colour sequence patterns (Crickweb)



About the game

Counting Caterpillar

1. Counting Caterpillar (Counting)

First choose the minimum and maximum numbers you would like to use, then drag the numbers into the correct order on the branch. For Reception, start with numbers 0-20. (ICTGames)

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Dinosaur place value

2. Dinosaur Place Value (Place Value)

Look at the number on the volcano, then click on the correct tens and units. (ICTGames)

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Beads Place Value

3. Beads Place Value (Place Value)

In “Free” mode you can drop beads onto the abacus and the numbers represented will be displayed at the bottom. Make numbers upto 20 with your child. If this is too easy, move onto making higher numbers, under 100. (BGFL)

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Addition Test

4. Addition Test (Addition)

Click the Level 1 switch to choose ‘additions upto 20’. A random addition will appear. Click the white box and type the answer, then click the big red button to check if it is correct. (Ambleside Primary School)

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Funky Mummy

5. Funky Mummy (Addition)

You need to click next to start, then answer the sum at the top of the screen by clicking the correct mummy case. If you are right, the mummy will jump out and dance for you. (ICTGames)

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 Adding two Dice

6. Adding Two Dice (Addition)

Practice doubling and adding two dice. You can also set a timer. (TES Iboard)

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 Number words to twenty

7. Number words to twenty (Numerals and words)

Test your memory and knowledge of number words to twenty! (Maths Games)

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 Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.13.55

8. Estimate and Count – Marbles (Estimating and Counting)

Estimate the number of marbles in the jar and then check your estimate through counting. (TES Iboard)

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 Math Man - Subtract

9. Math Man – Subtract (Subtraction)

This pac man like game is great fun as your child makes their way around the maze, eating the answer of the subtraction sum. (Sheppard Software)

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 Pop Up subtract

10. Pop up subtract (Subtraction)

Grab the pearl which shows the correct subtract sum answer! (Sheppard Software)

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 Fruit Shoot

11. Fruit Shoot (Odd and Even Numbers)

Enjoy shooting the odd or even numbers to get points! (Sheppard Software)

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 Freed Fribbit Addition

12. Feed Fribbit Addition (Addition)

A fun way to practice adding skills! (Coolmath Games)

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 Whack a mole

13. Whack a mole! (Counting)

A great way to practice counting 0-20 and beyond. (ICT games)

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About the game

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.41.33

1. Guess the 2D shape (Shape)

Hover the cursor (and move around) over the blank area to reveal only parts of the 2D shape hidden underneath. Guess what shape it is, then press the eye to reveal what shape was underneath – were you correct? (ICT Games)

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2. Symmetry (Shape)

Match picture, letter or shape halves to their mirror image. Score points by deciding correctly if the image is symmetrical of not. (Maths Games)

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 memory challenge naming shapes

3.  Memory Challenge: Naming Shapes (Shape)

You have to match the two cards on the screen – some of the cards are the picture of the 2D shape and some of the cards are the name of the 2D shape. (Numbernut)

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 Animal height labels

4. Animal Height Labels (Measures: Height)

This activity allows children to measure and compare the heights of different animals using whole meters. Ask your child questions such as which animal is the tallest? How much shorter is the elephant than the giraffe? Can you put the animals in height order starting with the shortest? (TES Iboard)

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Stop the clock

5. Stop the clock (Measures: Time)

Match the times with the times on the clock. (Oswego)

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 three bears going out

6. Three bears going out (Measures: Size)

Simply match the hats scarves and boots to the teddy bears. While you do this, use lots of comparative words such as ‘Is this too big?’, ‘That’s huge on the mummy bear’ or ‘little bears feet are too tiny for those shoes’. Perhaps you could write down all the different size words you can think of. (TES Iboard)

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 Pay uisng 1 coin

7. Pay using 1 coin (Measures: Money)

Pay for toys using single value coins! (Topmarks)

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 Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 13.04.34

8. Brick Breaking (Colour and Shape)

Click on groups of bricks the same colour to get rid of them. The aim of the game is to get rid of as many bricks as possible by clicking on huge chunks at once. (Coolmath Games)

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 Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.44.19

9. Shifting Shapes (3D shapes)

Different 3D shapes are hidden underneath. Your child has to use the cursor to reveal parts of the shape and guess which 3D shape it is. They can press the ‘eye’ to reveal the shape and see if they guessed correctly. (ICT Games)

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 Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 13.23.56

10. Pattern Match (Shape: Pattern Recognition)

This is a great game to develop pattern recognition skills! (Turtle Diary)



About the game

 Sum Sense

1.  Sum Sense (Using number facts: Addition)

This game is more challenging than it looks. Three or four tiles are displayed and the user has to drag them into the sum in the correct order so that it makes sense. You can choose how many questions you aim to answer against the clock. (Oswego)

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 Counting sides

2. Counting Sides. (Shape)

This is a good way to consolidate how many sides each 2D shape has. (Primary Games Arena)

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 3D shapes

3. 3D Shapes (Shape)

Match the 3D shapes with their names. At the same time test your memory! (Interactive Stuff)

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 Match the times

4. Match the times. (Measures: Time)

Matching pairs game which can help you tell the time (TopMarks)

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 Mostly Postie

5. Mostly Postie (Measures: Weight)

A weighing game. Simply put the package onto the scales, read the scales and type in the weight. You can press the ‘check’ button to see if you got it right (ICT Games)

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 Igloo shopping

6. Igloo Shopping (Measures: Money)

Choose the coins you need to buy the item! (BBC Bitesize Maths)

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 Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 15.19.49

7. Maths Lines (Number: Number Bonds to 10)

A super game to play in order to practise number bonds to 10. Have fun destroying the balls that add up to 10. (Novel Games)

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 Alien Addition

8. Alien Addition (Number: Number bonds to 20)

Fire at the sums to practise number bonds to 20. Great for speeding up mental maths abilities. (Arcademic Skill Builders)

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Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 12.40.58

9. Place the penguins (Place value)

This game helps children understand units, tens and hundreds. Practise making numbers upto 100 if your child is able to make numbers upto 20 easily. (BBC Schools)

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