Early Years Maths at Home

What can I do to support early years maths at home?

The following 10 steps/actions will help you to teach your child maths at home:-

1. Read the Maths Frequently Asked Questions – Maths FAQ

2. Buy the EYFS Maths pack for home use

3. Find out what your child will learn and needs to know in the EYFS. Read about this in our HSC Maths Parent Guide and view our EYFS Maths Downloads.

4. Watch the EYFS Maths Home Videos to see how families are using the HSC maths packs to reinforce and extend their child’s learning

5. Get stuck in and try out some activities with your child! Its easy to do and children love it!

6. Monitor your child’s maths progress over time using our maths home learning diaries. The objectives and curriculum expectations are all listed by Year group, so there is a maths home learning diary for Nursery (age 3-4), Reception (age 4-5) and Year 1 (5+).

7. Reward your child’s maths achievements and efforts at home using our attractive reward sticker charts. There are quite a few designs to choose from!

8. Play some online  EYFS Maths Games with your child.

9. Read some Counting Picture Books with your child.

10. If your child’s school/early years provider uses Orbit Family, consider sharing some of your child’s home learning achievements and efforts with your child’s school.  Orbit Family is free for anyone to use and parents are invited by the child’s school to link to their child’s record.

Most importantly, share some quality family time with your child and have fun together while they learn!