Teach your child at home

Give your child a head start…..

Where parents support children’s learning at home in the Early Years Foundation Stage, children get off to a flying start and begin school as confident learners.

Teaching your child at home, of course, is not just about helping your child acquire maths or teaching your child to read. Home School Connect also emphasises three crucial skills children gain by receiving focused parental time and attention from birth. Particularly for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, useful skills parents can impart at home while engaging in play based maths/reading activities include:

1. Developing language skills – by talking to our children about what they are doing, children learn new vocabulary and learn how to express themselves.

2. Develop social & emotional skills – When playing maths games or phonics games, children will learn to share, take turns, deal with winning and losing gracefully. Sometimes learning new concepts/skills takes courage and self-discipline, particularly if the concept/skill is difficult to learn. We can teach our children that learning things takes time and if we fail, its okay to try again (and again) until we learn how. We can teach our children that it is good to be ‘honest’ about what we can and can’t do and that asking questions is better than not saying anything or pretending to know when in reality we are confused. If children learn with siblings, then they can be taught how to be ‘kind’ to others, learn how to listen and empathise when working on a task together (especially where the young learners might have very different levels of skills/knowledge).

3. Fostering a love of learning and acquiring a positive attitude – this includes helping our children marvel at nature, be excited to solve a problem, enjoy being curious, or relish listening to a good story. A positive attitude helps children to develop appreciation, notice what is going well and not be overly focused on problems/difficulties. Developing our children’s learning approach is crucial to their appreciation and enjoyment of school.

In summary, research has shown conclusively just how much parents make a difference to a child’s learning approach, confidence and early learning attainments from what parents do with their children at home. HSC home learning packs empower families to give their children a great start to early schooling life.

If you are a parent, and would like to find out how to use HSC and what you can do to teach Early Years Reading at Home , then there are three EYFS Reading Packs you could use appropriate for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (aged 3 – 5 yrs).

If your child is aged 30+ months, the Nursery Reading (Prepare your child to read) is ideal for developing the pre-requisite skills for learning to read using phonics.

If your child is in Reception, or approaching Reception age (age 4-5) and showing early signs of wanting to learn to read, then Reception Phonics can be used to teach your child to read. Also consider using Phonics Games in tandem to further consolidate key reception phonics and reading skills. The board games are a lot of fun to play as a whole family!

If you are a parent, and would like to find out how to use HSC and what you can do to teach Early Years Maths at Home, then use the EYFS Maths Pack for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (aged 3 – 5 yrs).