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Nursery Reading

Prepare your child to read

Age 3-4 yrs


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Nursery Reading – This pack helps parents to prepare their child to read at home. The pack is both aligned to the EYFS reading curriculum and also Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds (DfES produced phonics programme for schools). Children are engaged in learning through use of  fun sound awareness games, instruments, puzzles, rhymes, alliteration & alphabet activities, including using a write ‘n’ wipe alphabet frame and alphabet workbook.  Please note that more teaching resources (e.g. picture cards; sorting cards) are contained within the guide itself. To accompany the guide and pack, be sure to download HSC’s Home Learning Diary and a Reward Sticker Chart for your child. These are free to download upon purchase of a pack. Parents can also access the online videos to watch families using HSC packs to support their children’s learning.

The extremely useful parent guide is the unique selling point of this pack. Finally everything a parent needs to know about how and what children learn in school is explained clearly and simply.

Nursery Read Guide

Useful parent know-how contained within the guide includes:

  • The curriculum – what your child needs to know and be able to do
  • Top parent-child interaction and teaching tips (including the power of using positive and specific feedback while learning)
  • Exactly how to teach pre-reading and early alphabet skills at home in a fun multi-sensory way – All seven key home reading activities are explained step by step (including sound discrimination, exploring rhythm and rhyme; Understanding alliteration; making voice sounds; developing awareness of phonemes within words; getting familiar with the alphabet).
  • Getting the most out of reading picture books aloud to your children and developing their early listening comprehension abilities
  • Monitoring your child’s home reading progress 
  • Motivating your child to learn, rewarding their efforts & providing specific positive feedback.

The guide is accompanied by a one sheet ‘Quick Read Summary’ so that parents wanting to get started straight away can!

This pack will more than prepare your child for more formal phonics instruction when they enter Reception (or sooner for able children).

Pack Contents: Parent Activity Guide; Soundtracks Game; Percussion Instruments; Rhyming Bingo Game; Nursery Rhymes CD; Alphabet Two Piece Puzzle; Alphabet Cards; English Made Easy Alphabet Workbook; Alphabet Cards; Write ‘n’ Wipe Alphabet Board; Wipe Pen & Wipe Pen Eraser.

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2 reviews for Nursery Reading

  1. 5 out of 5


    We are very impressed with the quality and variety of all the contents the nursery pack. Albie wasn’t a big talker when we first got the pack and, despite encouragement, he hadn’t shown much interest in books. We have since then, spent a little bit of time with Albie and his “new special games” a few times per week and have noticed a huge development in his conversational skills and his knowledge of the world around him, which cannot be co-incidence. The nursery reading guide is invaluable for anyone new to parenting. It is great to know what is expected of my child at nursery and wonderful to know that Albie will be at that level, if not ahead. I genuinely don’t think I would have known what the school’s expectations of my child would have been or how best to ensure Albie reached that level without Home School Connect.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have really enjoyed using the nursery reading resources & guide. The guide is well written, easy to understand, yet comprehensive at the same time. It is very useful to know how children are prepared to learn how to read at school. Tamzin particularly enjoys the tongue twisters and nursery rhyme CD and has even tried teaching her friends at nursery! I would recommend Home School Connect to any parent who wants fun engaging resources for their child.

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