Buy Packs

Primary Schools

Schools may be interested in purchasing HSC packs for families and children entitled to pupil premium funding. Schools can empower parents to support their children’s learning at home through providing school based parent training, and supplying the necessary teaching (reading, language, maths) resources to use at home. Please contact HSC for further information on how schools can deliver HSC as a EYPP/PP intervention. Support can be provided to schools on the delivery model, parent training and pre-post measures to ensure the impact of the intervention is monitored/evaluated.

Private Nurseries, Early Years Settings or Primary Schools

HSC welcomes dialogue with all nurseries, early years settings and primary schools to enable the promotion of  its EYFS reading and maths packs to parents.

If you would like to make the availability of the HSC packs known to your parents (EYFS Years), please contact us for promotional literature (e.g. pamphlets or small window posters) which can be displayed/made available for your parents at your setting.

Private nurseries, or early years settings may also wish to purchase HSC pack/s for use by key workers, teaching assistants or parent volunteers when working with children in small groups or individually. The packs enable an adult to work with specific children for short (10 minute) periods of time, to prime, reinforce or extend children’s learning.  Even though the accompanying activity guide is written for parents, early years staff can benefit from using the guide flexibly, alongside a teacher’s planning.

Independent Primary Schools & Nurseries

HSC can supply reading or maths packs to whole classes/year groups. Where schools buy in HSC packs for whole classes/year groups, training can be arranged, to enable parents to get the most out of the packs and supplied materials. However, it should be noted that parent training (although desirable) is not essential to the use of the packs. Most parents will find the support of the parent guides and website (including the home teaching videos) to be sufficient.

Click here to read the main advantages of the packs for schools and children.

Main advantages for schools are that the packs:

  • Promote enhanced parent partnerships – this joining of forces helps to maximise each child’s learning potential
  • the packs encourage the use of  consistent teaching methods/resources across home and school
  • Empower parents to support their child’s learning in a fun and easy way, without requiring a lot of time or specialist knowledge
  • Give parents a meaningful way to participate in their child’s learning and also spend quality time with their child doing something of educational value
  • Enable parents to have control and autonomy with the pack (with guidance being provided via the website & parent guide)
  • Ensure home activities and games are matched to the curriculum and are age-appropriate
  • Improve and enhance the child’s learning approach, confidence, knowledge and skills.

From the child’s perspective, each child:

  • Has the opportunity to extend their learning from their own personal start point
  • Can benefit and enjoy getting individual teaching time from parents, extended family and/or older friends.
  • Can have lots of fun using a range of multi-sensory resources
  • Gains knowledge and skills that can only help them further in class
  • Gets to practise & master topics at home that they may find challenging in school
  • Can spend extra time doing activities which reinforce their strengths and/or personal interests
  • Can feel confident about learning and look forward to school.
  • who starts off school well with strong reading and numeracy skills is likely to maintain these gains in the future