Independent Primary Schools

HSC can supply reading or maths packs to whole classes/year groups. Where London based schools buy in HSC packs for whole classes/year groups, training can also be offered. It should be noted that training is not essential for usage of the packs, but offered as an added incentive for schools to make HSC part of their whole school provision.

Primary Schools/Nurseries

Schools may also be interested in purchasing HSC packs for families and children entitled to pupil premium funding, Please contact HSC for further information or to make a purchase.

Promoting and informing parents of HSC

If you would like to make the availability of the HSC packs known to parents, please contact us and we can supply an information box to be printed within school newsletters, an e-mail parent pamphlet, or an A4 poster to display on your school grounds (e.g. parent newsboard; points of entry; school reception).

HSC is eager to promote its maths and reading packs to parents and therefore welcomes any further discussion with schools regarding its promotion. Please contact us.

Click here to read the main advantages of the packs for schools

Main advantages for schools are that the packs:

  • Empower parents to support their child’s learning at home in a fun and easy way, without requiring a lot of time or specialist knowledge
  • Use of the pack is desirable, but remains optional (but likely to be gratefully received by the majority of keen parents)
  • Parents have control and autonomy with the pack (have website & parent guide for support)
  • Promote working together with children using consistent teaching methods and resources across home and school
  • Ensure home activities and games are matched to the curriculum and are age-appropriate
  • Improve and enhance the child’s learning approach, confidence, knowledge and skills.

From the child’s perspective, each child:

  • Can enjoy getting one-to-one time and attention from their parents, extended family and/or older friends.
  • Has lots of fun resources to work with at home (and not just worksheets!)
  • Gains knowledge and skills that helps them in class
  • Gets to practise & master topics at home that they may find challenging in school
  • Can spend extra time doing activities which reinforce their strengths and/or personal interests
  • Can feel confident about learning and look forward to school.