Home School Connect arrives at 3 House Club in St. Johns Wood

Dr. Sangeeta Silva and Anya Abdulakh, (dynamic mum and owner of club) work together this month to empower local families to support their children’s early reading and maths at home. 3 House Club, a private family members club, in St Johns Wood is a hub for families to access a great selection of kids activities and parent classes, including Pilates & health treatments for mums, and for the kids, art club, Mozart piano lessons, cooking, circus skills and much much more!

This month, 3 House Club has teamed up with Dr. Silva (Creator of HSC/Educational & Child Psychologist) who will deliver one-to-one and/or group parent tutorial sessions, explaining exactly how parents can teach their children to read at home. Parents will also receive a guide, all teaching materials, and have the HSC website to refer to which will support parents as they work with their little ones at home.

Anya who has been trained herself by Dr. Silva, uses the home school connect approach with her own two children at home (aged 3 and 5). She has this to say,

”The activities and games are a great way to spend quality family time together and at the same time know our children’s maths and reading skills are being boosted! After my tutorial with Dr. Silva, I am really looking forward to teaching my little Sasha to read as I know she will simply love the hands-on materials and games. Home School Connect has made it really easy for us parents to just get on with it and see the progress before our eyes!”

Stay alert for further posts and news on developments. Looking forward to working together and having a really rewarding experience. Exciting times!

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