Parent Testimonials


I was excited to receive the Maths pack because I wanted to get involved in Christian’s education but sometimes it is hard to know how. When Christian was shown the resources in the maths pack, his face lit up and he couldn’t wait to start! The parent activity guide was straightforward and easy to use. The activities are fun and the materials carefully sourced. I really enjoy getting involved in Christian’s learning. As a result of Home School Connect, Christian has flourished in his maths ability and it has increased his focus and concentration. I look forward to obtaining other packs from Home School Connect.

(A.P) Mother of Christian, aged 3 years, 6 months.

I have been using the reading resources and guide with my daughter Anaya for around 7 months now. When Anaya just turned 4, I felt she was showing an early interest in words and appeared very eager to read. I did not have the tools or knowledge on how to teach Anaya to read until I was introduced to the (then pilot) home school connect programme. Initially I thought I wouldn’t be capable of teaching Anaya, as I have no experience whatsoever. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the reading guide was to follow. Within just a few days Anaya was able to read 3 letter words and has since progressed very quickly, with just the right guidance.  The combination of the phonics work and reading a book aloud every day has really worked wonders for Anaya’s reading confidence and ability. Anaya has just started Reception and is confidently reading stage 5/green book band reading scheme books. I can clearly see she is way ahead of what schools expect for her age and she feels very confident in herself. I would definitely recommend Home School Connect to all parents, as it has all the right resources to teach a child how to read from the very beginning. I feel very proud as a parent to be able to say that I taught my daughter how to read.

 (S.K) Mother of Anaya, aged 4:9.

My son loves to use the EYFS Maths pack, particularly as he has a natural passion for Maths and these resources have enabled him to engage easily with each learning objective. He finds using this pack so much fun, and very often, likes to spend more time on each activity than I had planned for! Its lovely that he has such a good time that he always wants to do more!

(C.R) Mother of son aged 4 years, 7 months.

 I have really enjoyed using the nursery reading resources & guide. The guide is well written, easy to understand, yet comprehensive at the same time. It is very useful to know how children are prepared to learn how to read at school. Tamzin particularly enjoys the tongue twisters and nursery rhyme CD and has even tried teaching her friends at nursery! I would recommend Home School Connect to any parent who wants fun engaging resources for their child.

(A.T) Mother of Tamzin, aged 3 years, 3 months.

We decided to get both the Reception reading and the EYFS maths pack to reinforce our son’s learning at home. Zack is always wanting to be active and struggles to sit in one place for long! The advantage of the HSC packs is that you have all the resources you need at hand. I have found that just ten minute activity sessions (e.g. playing a number game with the dice, or making words with the magnets) can really help children to learn and also make us parents aware of what stage our child is at with their learning. Home School Connect helps Zack to learn through play and he also enjoys the attention he gets from the family when we use the materials from his own ‘special box’.

(A.B). Mother of Zack, aged 5 years.

 Since my son, Johann, started using Home School Connect, he went from strength to strength in his reading ability. The guide is extremely informative, providing a clear teaching structure which parents can easily follow. All the resources are good quality including some really fun games and the package represents excellent value for money.

(L.K) Mother of Johann, aged 4 years, 2 months.

 Since using the reading pack my son’s confidence has grown in his own abilities. He is now happy to try new challenges, as the pack enables you to work at your child’s own pace. The fun and colourful resources engage my son so positively that using the pack is the highlight of his day! I’m so pleased I can be part of his education and can monitor his achievements, in a way that I understand.

(C.R) Mother of son aged 4 years, 1 month.

We got our nursery reading pack when our son, Albie, was just over 2½.  We were very impressed with the quality and variety of all the contents.  We called them his “new special games” and kept them in a box all together.  Albie wasn’t a big talker and, despite encouragement, he hadn’t shown much interest in books up until then.  We have spent a little bit of time with Albie and his “new special games” a few times per week and have noticed a huge development in his conversational skills and his knowledge of the world around him, which cannot be co-incidence.  The reading guide is invaluable for anyone new to parenting.  It is great to know what will be expected of my child at nursery and wonderful to know that Albie will be at that level, if not ahead.  I genuinely don’t think I would have known what the school’s expectations of my child would have been or how best to ensure Albie reached that level without Home School Connect.

(K.W) Mother of Albie aged 3 years, 3 months.