Home School Connect Vision

Home School Connect has a vision to help bridge a home-school divide by helping parents to support their children’s early learning in the home.

Home School Connect launches in 2013, beginning with a focus on the Early Years Foundation Stage (for children aged 3-5 yrs). There is the intention to also provide KS1 materials (for children aged 5-7) in the future.

The four aims of home school connect today, are therefore to:

1. Be a trustworthy, reliable, and quality source of information for parents wanting to maximise their child’s full learning potential at home.

2. Supply parents with home reading and maths packs which complement what children learn at school and how children learn at school.

3. Support parents at home with the HSC website and all it offers (videos; games; downloads).

4. Provide training for parents (purchased by schools) in supporting children’s  ’at home learning’.

Training, delivered by Dr. Silva,  is offered where schools have either bought in a significant amount of packs (e.g. through pupil premium funding) or bought in packs for whole year groups to make HSC part of the EYFS school/nursery provision (relevant to private nurseries and independent schools).

The three focus areas for parent training are:

  • Preparing your child to read (Nursery Age: 3-4 yrs)
  • Teaching your child to read at home (Reception age: 4-5 yrs) 
  • How to support maths learning in the home (EYFS: 3-5 yrs).

The training supplied will be Home School Connect Pack specific. Parent training can also be  adapted to suit a school’s particular needs and/or the needs of the parent population.

About Director of Home School Connect

Pic of DirectorHome School Connect was founded by Dr Sangeeta Silva, an Educational and Child Psychologist who has a passion for child development in the early years.

Dr. Silva is a very experienced Educational & Child Psychologist with over a decade of experience working within schools, children and their families all over London and its surrounding counties. Prior to this, she was a primary school teacher.

Dr. Silva completed a doctorate in Educational Psychology at UCL, in 2010. Her thesis topic explored parental perceptions and home practices for preparing children for school.


One of the key findings was that most parents, regardless of occupation or educational background, wanted more of the following things to enable them to help their children learn at home:

  • Developmental age norms in key skills areas. Basically, what should a child know and be able to do and by what age?
  • Easily accessible EYFS curriculum information
  • Home activity ideas that were easy to implement, fun and aligned to the EYFS curriculum
  • Practical engaging resources to use at home

In fact, Dr Silva experienced the same needs as above when she herself became a mother. Despite her professional background, she found it harder than expected to support her two boys (currently aged 7 and 4) and locate the most fun, curriculum relevant resources to use at home – particularly to support reading and maths. This was one of the main inspirations behind forming Home School Connect.