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Maths at home to make your child super-confident!
Early Years Foundation Stage
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Rehearse the ‘sounds’ at home

Practise blending and segmentation

Help your child to read aloud confidently

Have fun and play lots of phonics games!

Develop your child’s reading comprehension

Help your child learn the top 100 high frequency words

Teach Your Child to Read
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All our EYFS packs come with a parent-friendly activity guide
phonics games, EYFS maths games, & teaching materials needed!
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What you get
‘Pick up and go’ approach for busy families
Classroom materials into the home
Parent guide & quality teaching resources
Home learning videos
EYFS curriculum know-how
EYFS maths games/phonics games
Children who start school ahead, stay ahead
Families spend quality time together
and have fun!
Parents learn what is expected in the EYFS
Children become more confident
Children progress quicker in reading
& maths

Early Years Foundation Stage - At Home

Did you know that children who achieve a good start in the first few years of learning Maths & Reading are very likely to have accelerated progress in their attainment throughout school?

Parents play a critical role in helping children to achieve a head start in school, and while it is true that most parents want to champion their child’s learning, most parents also struggle to know exactly what to do.

What is age-appropriate? What follows the EYFS curriculum? What order do I teach things in? Am I teaching in a way that my child will respond to but also enjoy? What will really make a difference and help my child’s confidence in school? These are just some of the questions parents have about supporting their child’s learning at home.

This is where Home School Connect is ideal for families with 3-5 year olds in the Early Years Foundation Stage. HSC provides the answers to all of the above questions, literally bringing the Early Years Foundation Stage Reading and Maths classroom to the home. The EYFS Maths and Reading Packs are home educational resources with an accompanying activity guide, written specifically for parents to use with their children at home.

If you are a parent, by engaging in simple 10-minute activities or games (2-3 times a week) you can really boost your child’s confidence whilst they have fun playing with you! The practical nature of Home School Connect is extremely popular and effective with young children, but more importantly, what your child will gain (both academically and emotionally) from your time using HSC is priceless. Click on our Home Resource Packs below to learn more...